Forever Services


Doxa Deo East Campus is our Spiritual Home.... we are part of the family, the furniture, the future and the Forever....


It is with absolute confidence that we invite you to join us whenever suitable to you, to worship our King - in the company of the most amazing group of people.


A bit more detail on the services at Doxa Deo East Campus


The Pastoral Team presents various series of inspiring, motivating and eye-opening sermons throughout the year.

The "Goed Om Te Weet" - "Good To Know" series was just one of the many presented in the past. A huge amount of effort goes into these sermons, and the church is always packed - but there's always room for more. 



The series was opened by Jurie Kriel, our Campus Pastor.


Our worship sessions are always "Out of this World"! such talented leaders....


  There is something for everyone - children, teenagers, adults, singles, business owners. The Business Ministry Breakfast Meetings are immensely popular and well worth attending.


The Doxa Deo East Campus Team visited the AFM Living Waters in Mamelodi where pastor

Jospeh Lebogo holds the reigns.

What a fruitful event - confirming collaboration between and Doxa Deo East Campus and

AFM Living Waters in Mamelodi.



 The Ignite Outreach to Kildare

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Hope to see you soon!